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Thanks for visiting! After 25 + yrs as a Visual and Graphic Artist and working behind the scenes on projects for many companies including LucasFilm, Paramount, FOX Animation, Cartoon Network, Star Wars Clone Wars, and many many more. I am pleased to say I am concentrating on my own Brand tweek9arts. tweek9arts ( previously tweek9design) was established back in 1996 when I graduated from design college. After I  began to design heavily in the style of graphic design on computers way back when PhotoShop and Illustrator were just a baby. I’ve learned many things since then and now I want to share them with those who would like to learn how to design, sketch, draw, and paint. Even those who also want to learn more about the world of the Arts and its benefits on our health and peace of mind. Please share this site and follow me on my social media platforms. Let’s make this journey together. Please browse around and don’t forget to check out my Affiliate Surplus Store to begin your Art Journey. Thank you for your patience as I begin to curate the site over the next few months.

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